Qi means “life-force energy” and gong means ”skill”, so Qigong is the skillful practice of gathering, circulating, and applying life-force energy. *This energy is also known as “Chi-gung”. (There are two different systems that we use in the West to translate the Chinese language. Whilst it sometimes leads to confusion, it’s all the same thing, Qi or Chi!)


About 5000 years ago Siberian Shamanism came to China, the people who lived in the Yangtze delta were said to have used a slow rhythmical dance, based on the movements they saw in nature. These dance kept their joints supple during the long, damp and foggy months. From these “dances” Qigong and it’s sister Tai-chi evolved.

The greatest boost Qigong received was around 550 A.D. when the Indian prophet Bodhidharma traveled from India to the famous Shaolin Temple in Manchuria. On arrival he went into a deep meditation on the Monks exceptionally brutal Martial Arts forms, and realised what was needed was a gentler training system.

After 9 years of meditation and seclusion, he was finally ready to teach! The theory of Modern Qigong is based on his combining of Tantric yoga techniques with the original “dances.” He mapped the internal energy paths and created both the exercise forms, and the therapy.

All Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, is based on and has evolved from this Qigong view of energy.

I identified Qigong as a simple exercise form for students to learn, suitable for our busy lifestyles we all now lead, but effective enough to bring about beneficial change over a short period of time. An hour´s class is wonderful, but 5 or 10 minutes every morning has fantastic benefit too! The exercises are simple enough to build a personalised exercise set for yourself very quickly.


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“What is obvious needs no proof, and cannot be communicted. It may be offfered, and will be recieved when a being is at the crossroads of his life. it is intended only for those who have understood that they long for it.”


Hi, I’m an escapee from the City! I worked there for 15 years, and in the process I accumulated all the negative habits which accompany that lifestyle – late nights, alcohol, and cigarettes, all leading to STRESS and poor health!

20 years ago, whilst trying different therapies and exercise forms in order to improve my health, I came across Chen Man Ching’s Short form Tai-chi. I found the classes extremely helpful and enjoyable – they triggered my interest in and love of eastern arts, which continues to this day. This was my “Crossroad”

The black bags under my eyes started to go, I became less susceptible to colds and flu, and my energy levels soared! Today I’m twice as flexible physically and mentally as I was 15 years ago!

My background reading into Tai-chi forms helped me to discover and thus begin my in-depth study of Qigong. I began to understand that the Qigong energy system was the key to all eastern healing methods. It was this process that led to my great escape, as I realised that having healed myself, I wanted to teach and heal others.

I was trained by the International Institute of Medical Qigong first as a practitioner, then a qualified therapist and teacher, in due course I hope to become a Doctor of Medical Qigong.

I had the privilege of studying Qigong and Tai-chi sword form with Grand Master Chen. I was also a student of Master Lam’s, studying Tai-chi and Zhan Zhuang (Pronounced Jam Jong!)

I now work exclusivly with teachers from Dr Pang Ming’s (Now closed) Medicineless Hospital – The Huxua Centre – Teachers Lu and Ling, Teacher Wei and Teacher Jianshe

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