Welcome back!

The new term begins today, running all the way to mid – December.

I’m ready to take on new classes, so if you would like a class near you, let me know!

Looking forward to seeing you all again,


Qigong School

Dear All, Most of my students know that I’m in the process of setting up a teacher Training course for Qigong. I’m hoping to site this in the City of London, and have a clinic and exercise space to go with it. I’m sorry to report that the space that I mentioned that I was…


The Pity of London!

See the WONDERFUL “Pity of London Statue” – It sat in Aldgate for about a week, almost un-noticed, but not buy me! Thank you whom ever created this wonderful little beastie! (Looks like some of the Bankers I used to work with in another life!)