Although it is related to its daughter Tai-chi, Qigong differs in that it consists of individual exercises, rather than having to learn a continuous form from beginning to end. These exercises are callisthenic, rather than aerobic, focusing on developing strength in the lower body, and lightness and grace in the upper body. The breath is often coordinated with the movements, and visualisation is sometimes used to enhance the benefits of each exercise.

Qigong exercise helps you to recapture your life force energy! It’s a system which will allow you to live a long and healthy life.

It is possible to build up a huge reservoir of energy for your own personal use, and then more to give to others as your day progresses! (thus not depleting yourself too much.) You don’t need special clothing, and can safely practice in office gear, without getting sweaty!


DROP-IN CLASSES –  Bath, Somerset

Every Tuesday in The Dojo, 9:30am – 11:00am, and – Starting Tue 9th Jan 2018 onwards
Every Wednesday in the Dojo, 6:15pm – 7:15pm

NEW – Thursday in The Dojo, 11:00am – 11:45am – Han Xin Exercises (Anybody welcome..)
NEW  – Thursday in the Dojo, ADVANCED Practice class – 11:45am – 12:30am – Please inquire if you qualify to attend (Set up for students who don’t need instruction of ZQ forms..)

The Dojo is at

The Stoneyard, Old Orchard, Bath BA1 5AX
(Up the external staircase to the first floor)
Your first class is always free! (You have to try before you buy!)
£45 per month for access to all classes You can set up a monthly payment direct to my account – details on application, or I now accept debit cards OR Cash in class)
Drop-in £12
All concessions £40 – Paid Monthly
If you wish to negotiate a different concession please ask, I’m happy to work on a donation basis.
Please bring Non-marking shoes, or work in “grippy socks” or bare feet!
If you need to sit during class, please bring a cushion..although there are a few stools..

Healing class – Every Wednesdays – 9:30am – 10:45am

Zhineng Qigong is ALL about personal healing and the healing of others.
We will meet for an open healing group, anybody may attend, provided you have let me know in advance by email. (We are limited by the room size)

The group will do Healing via visualization, The Six Sacred Sounds and Meditation – no experience necessary.

The Healing Group is free, and only supported by donations

The Amber Room, Practice Rooms, 26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RH – Ring “Amber Bell for Entry”
-Please enter quietly (The only downside is that The Amber Room is on the TOP floor. If you need help with the stairs, please inform me first, I’ll come down to meet you.) PLEASE DON’T RING AFTER 9:35am!


Han Xin – some details

My teachers told me that they discovered The Great General Han Xin’s exercises in a park in Beijing. Hardly anybody knows of them, and if you search the internet, there’s nothing there, except a short history of The General.
He was reputed to have used these exercises to teach a rag-tag band of young and old students, and turn them into a formidable army, who swept China.
My teacher tell me how they watched old and stooped ladies transform themselves into upright and strong people in just two months! They were so impressed with it’s effectiveness, that they taught me – Now I can pass this to you!


DROP-IN CLASS – Bradford-on-Avon, Somerset – Cancelled due to slow uptake


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I don’t have a set policy on Concessions, however I do want you to come to class, if money is an issue, talk to me at the end of class, We’ll work something out!

All ages. Students and Beginners welcomed.