Jeremy left a promising career in The City of London as a Foreign Exchange broker, after 15 years due to the high levels of stress and his “Impending breakdown!”

“It was the discovery of Qigong that saved my life – without it’s balancing influence, I would never have survived – and I mean that quite literally!”

The next 10 years of Jeremy’s career saw him become a IT Networking expert, in various City firms, whilst running a parallel career as a Qigong teacher and Healer

“I became the unofficial wise Elder and Councillor for many of the young people who worked in those firms, some of whom became my students in turn!”

Nobody is in any doubt about the dangers of stress in our working lives these days. Qigong in the workplace is a great way of bringing your staff together as a team, aligning their thought processes in a harmonious way, whilst relaxing them and making them alert and ready for a working day. there are many strategies that Jeremy can teach to help a company bond and function as a healthy happy team.

A ideal intervention would see the company gather together for a day (or possibly a half-day) for an intensive session. For an even deeper immersion, this would be followed by early morning Qigong sessions at work each morning the following week (5x 30min)
The timetable can be adjusted and tailor-made to fit your requirements.

Jeremy has taught Qigong in many Corporate settings, an Architects firm, a beauty consultancy, a Bank, several IT companies, why not make your next?

These are some figures to illustrate how badly Stress affects us at work in the UK..

  • The total number of cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2014/15 was 440,000 cases, a prevalence rate of 1380 per 100,000 workers.
  • The number of new cases was 234,000 , an incidence rate of 740 per 100,000 workers. The estimated number and rate have remained broadly flat for more than a decade.
  • The total number of working days lost due to this condition in 2014/15 was 9.9 million days. This equated to an average of 23 days lost per case.
  • In 2014/15 stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.

This is an extract that talks about a study done to look into the effectiveness of Qigong

“A recent collaboration to review the Qigong and Tai Chi literature has resulted in the most comprehensive review of the research literature on Qigong and Tai Chi that has ever been produced. Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD and his colleague Dr. Linda Larkey, applied a rigorous criterion wherein only the best randomized controlled trials were considered in the review. The total of such research between 1993 and the end of 2007 was an impressive 77 trials. This review presents the entire Qigong and Tai Chi “evidence base” in one comprehensive presentation.

The total number of study participants was 6410 with the highest number of studies, 27, addressing psychological issues (Such as Stress.) Cardiac studies numbered 23 and falls prevention trials numbered 19. Other areas of positive influence included bone density, immune capacity, quality of life and physical function.

The authors concluded that, “with the mounting evidence for health benefits and the current progress in research methodology, it is likely that Tai Chi and Qigong will play a strong role in the emerging integrative medicine system as well as in prevention based interventions in the evolving health care delivery system.”

The researchers added, ‘The substantial potential for achieving health benefits, the minimal cost incurred by this form of self-care, the potential cost efficiencies of group delivered care, and the apparent safety of implementation across populations, points to the importance of wider implementation and dissemination of Qigong’ “

Please call Jeremy on 07808 738 520 or email to arrange a consultation

Jeremy has public liability insurance up to £2mil – see the Certificate hereView Jeremy’s teaching Qualification here

Jeremy’s standard Health and Safety Risk Assessment Checklist is here

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