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Our most popular pack to get your body alkaline…fast!
1 x perfectlyhealthy Mega Greens (227g Powder)
1 x pHion pH Booster (1+ Month Supply)
1 x FREE 1 Litre Energise Water Bottle

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A great place to start alkalising your body and getting your pH to the right level with this combination of our most popular products:

Step One: Mega Greens plus MSM™

Mega Greens is a highly concentrated blend of 34 superfoods containing naturally occurring amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and more.

Provides your body with the alkaline ingredients it needs.

Step Two: pH Booster

These highly alkaline pH drops turns ordinary water alkaline, ionized and oxygenated!!

The pH booster structures, clusters and alkalizes your water to an optimal pH of 9.5.

Also includes a FREE Energise 1 litre water bottle with every order!


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