Reading list

These are books I’d recommend to you thoroughly!
On Qigong:-
Chi-gung / By Daniel Reid


The Tao of Health,Sex and Longevity / Daniel Reid
The Healing Promis of Qi / Roger Jahnke OMD
The Way of Power / Master Lam Kan Chuen

Handbook for the Urban Warrior / The Barefoot Doctor
Qigong for Health and Martial Arts / Yang Jwing-Ming
Eight Pieces of Brocade / Yang Jwing-Ming
Specifically on Zhineng Qigong:-
101 Miracles of Natural Healing / Luke Chan
Elementary Guide to Zhineng Qigong / Ooi Kean Hin / ISBN 983-41012-0-1(Can be hard to find – try
Books on Alkalising and Cancer:-
The pH Miracle / Dr Robert Young
Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism / Andreas Moritz
The pH Miracle for Weight Loss / Dr Robert Young

The Amazing Liver and Gllbladder Flush / Andreas Moritz
Some other inspiring books:-
The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet /Benjamin Hoff Breaking the Death Habit / Leonard Orr
Recipes for Self-Healing / Daverick Leggett
My personal Favourite:-
The Four Agreements / Don Miguel Ruiz
The Real Meal Revolution / Professor Tim Noakes
Getting in the Gap / Dr Wayne Dyer



My Links:- – a fantastic book finding site – Luke Chan’s interesting and informative site about Zhineng Qigong – The website of The International Institute of Medical Qigong – A Friend, Dashi’s Qigong Website – Samual Lau’s Zhineng Qigong Site

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