La Qi

This is one of the most basic and yet most powerful exercises in the Zhineng Qigong canon.

It’s simply about sitting comfortably, and giving yourself at least 15 – 20 minutes of quiet and peaceful time to get into this powerful visualisation tool / state.

Dr Pang’s Hunyuan Qi Theory states that the entire Universe is created from tiny particles of Hunyuan Qi. (I.e this is the smallest divisible unit of our Universe)
Clearly these pixels are so fine, that we cannot perceive that we are swimming in a soup of Qi, but we can access this energy to cleanse and heal ourselves.

It’s all about Space, not outer space, but Inner space – making space inside of you!

If a muscle is tight and tense, then blood doesn’t flow through it so well. (Think of a muscle man, with veins popping out!)

A relaxed muscle allows blood to flow through it easily. It’s the same for Qi – being in a relaxed and OPEN state allows Qi to flow easily too.

So this exercise is about bringing this idea of OPEN to our bodies.

We use our visualisation to Open joints that hurt, Livers that have become hardened, organs that have become old and tired! It’s about feeling space inside the structure, blood cells flowing freely, not clumped together or joints working easily with no pressure.

Perhaps we can also use La Qi to dissolve ourselves into the Qifield? (From which everything derives.)

Imaging as you Open, that this is like expanding out to become ONE with the Universe, as you Close then allow your body to return from the edges of the Universe to a perfect working version of you!
How about taking dissolve a little further? What about thinking about something you don’t want. (OK. let’s be careful here, thinking specifically about a problem gives it power, so don’t concentrate too much on the existence of a problem, or you’ll actually be feeding it!)
Take the example from my website, the film by Luke Chan, where we see a tumour dissolve. – this is like taking the area of the tumour, opening and expanding it, creating space, and then as you close, just see everything as perfect, imagine the tumour dissolves into nothing – gone.

So as you’ve gathered by now, the main idea is Open and Close or Expand out and Return back.

In  Chinese these are Kai and He – (Ck-eye and Huuurr)

Get yourself into a relaxed standing or sitting posture
Draw your mind back. Try to still distracting thoughts

Hold your hands about 10cm apart, nice relaxed wrists and elbows, wrists and fingers slightly curved. Hold a little ball of Qi in front of your belly button. (Or if for instance you were working on your knee, you could actually hold the hands either side of the knee..)

If you are working on another person / pet / place etc, or maybe on an internal organ or bone, it’s going to require you to visualise this person or thing between your hands. (Don’t let your mind stop you! you can imagin anything between your hands!)

Go on the internet and look for an illustration of what this organ/bone etc looks like in PERFECT working order! The literally see it between your hands, as you open, see it expand and dissolve, as you close, make it back into a perfect version.

Print an image of the perfect working thing, look at it often, to cement a picture of the Healthy object for you to focus on.

So you quietly say “Kai and He” to yourself as you slowly open and close your hands.
(“Kai” opens the hands 20-30 cms, “He” closes back to 10cms apart – but don’t get too hung up on this, a tiny movement will do just as well as a huge one! It’s all about the intention!)

There’s a recording for sale on my website here

(Or a free download HERE – clearly I’d appreciate you paying for it! But if you can’t then don’t worry!)
Practice for 20 minutes at a time – several times a day if you want a quick change.

As you finish, make the tone Kai/He more quiet and internalised, finally into silence.

Draw energy deep into your belly, hold and store qi.

Finally rub circles round belly to close.

I suggest you do my warm-up video EVERY MORNING! (Or as often as you can!)
See it here

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