I specialise in teaching you how to use Zhineng Qigong to heal yourself – please ask me about private healing sessions or classes to learn this skill



Medical Qigong therapy is based on the energy system which underlies both Tai-chi and Qigong exercise classes. It is however a refinement of the basic techniques which allows the therapist to move the Qi in a patient’s body in order to heal them. (Qigong classes can be used to supplement a patient’s healing after therapy, or as exercise classes on their own.)

A treatment is divided into 3 stages:-

Firstly, you will undergo a full diagnosis, following amongst others, the 5 Elements diagnosis system. I will take your case history, and check your pulses, much like an acupuncture consultation.

The treatment section, (which involves sitting or lying, fully clothed,) follows a set path of purging your energy systems, replenishing your Qi, and then ensuring that the Qi’s flow is unimpaired throughout your body. The process can extremely relaxing, as blockages open!

Finally you will be given a prescription of exercises to take home. These help you to continue the process of healing that the treatment has started.

I have am a qualified, insured and certified healer, having studied Medical Qigong and often work in the area of Oncology

I work principally from my home in Bath, Somerset, but will also consider home visits.
(I’m also able to work in the centre of Bath [or Bristol by arrangement] at The Practice Rooms )

Please call my mobile to discuss..

07808 738 520


Migraines & Headaches
MS and ME
Stress & Emotional Trauma
Breast & Ovarian Cysts and lumps
Strokes and Growths
High Blood Pressure
Acute Abdominal Pain & IBS
Deep Tissue Obstructions
Muscle Atrophy
Coma Retrieval

It is of course 100% against the law of the UK to suggest or mention Cancer

I will support you in your fight against ANY life-threatening illness….

The Chinese don’t make a distinction, as we do, between physical and mental problems. Thus, this Chinese system Medical Qigong is as effective a treatment for Mental, Emotional or Physical problems.

Medical Qigong Therapy: £125.00 – 2 hours (First treatment – case taking and Full treatment, with Exercise prescription)
Subsequent Treatments £75 for 1 hour

Regular students of my classes qualify for discounted therapy rates. Please ask me about this!

Here’s a review from one of my clients!

“ Last week I had the pleasure of receiving one-to-one instruction from Jeremy where we covered Warm Up exercises, Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down, Wall Squats and Healing Meditation interspersed with many related discussions throughout the day. It was most beneficial for me to have the movements and rationale explained first-hand and I would like to thank Jeremy once again for his fellowship, patience and hospitality – highly recommended ! 🙂 ” – (Thanks for ‘FC’ for the review!)