Very good question! Not one I’m really an expert at answering, but I’ll try to help de-mystify if I can.

Basically, if you like my (a) website, they often have an RRS feed attached to them. This means that you can click an RSS button/link, and if the particular article/page/website you have “subscribed to” is updated then you’ll get an instant notification that there is more news from the author.

How do you do this magic?

I only have a few basic answers for you, I have used my Web browser (I favour Firefox) to subscribe to a few RSS feeds, when you see an orange RSS button on a website, you can click it, it asks you how you’d like to follow the site, I selected “Live Bookmarks” Any new articles go into the Live Bookmark folder as they are updated, see this article

I somehow managed to do this of Outlook too! I clicked subscribe and got the new articles too go into a new folder beside my inbox! Every time the site updates a page, I get an email!

I hope this helps you, (If you look under some of my Blog Posts you’ll see something that says follow this blog via RSS, that’s what I’m on about! It’s also mentioned on the sidebar of my from page…

You can also get dedicated RSS tools, from Google amongst others, and all the big news sites will update you into one place every day! Who needs a newspaper!

Good Luck!

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